Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girls Trip to Sedona

We did a lot in Sedona! My sisters/mom and I love to do crafts. We all came up with an idea and brought one for everyone to make. So we left with 5 new crafts. We did aprons, a flip book full of quotes, an egg wreath, a BE decoration, and a block of wood we painted and put a cute quote on. The last two didn't really have names, I had to improvise. The last night we pampered ourselves, after the hike, with face masks and cucumbers along with pedicures. We had a really fun time.

Sedona - Hike

The last day we were in Sedona we went for a hike on I forget the name but its really popular and so pretty. It was about a 3 mile hike. I've never been to Sedona, the colors of the mountains are so different from any other area in Arizona I've seen. We had to keep crossing the creek along the path, in the begining we were all avoiding getting our feet wet but when it became un-avoidable on the way back it really didn't matter. Some of those little branch/tree/rock bridges were pretty tricky I thought. Here's some pictures from our hike.

The road that takes you to the parking area to begin the hike was pretty (wine-dee), so on the way home around a corner was a huge sign that read -DAIRY QUEEN-. Cammie goes, Amber DAIRY QUEEN, my mom instantly slammed on her breaks and pulled over. So it went from a gravel road to a bunch of rocks, with dust flying up and that noise where tires hit rocks and slide. Pretty funny. So as we are eating our treats outside, about every 5 minutes was another car pulling off the road. We're like they saw DAIRY QUEEN!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1920's Murder Mystery Party

Last Friday we all celebrated Stevens sister Crystals' Birthday! They came up with a really fun idea called a 1920's Murder Mystery Party! We all had a blast dressing up everyone looked so good and interacting while being in character was hard to keep a straight face. To be honest I was lost the entire time, I didn't know who was killing who but it was fun trying to figure it all out. Part of my character was to have a black eye, but covered with makeup, some people would sorta pull me aside or double look at my eye, and thought it was real. It was fun to trick some people like it really was though. All and all I know everyone had a really fun time and it was something different, Peter and Crystal your idea rocked. Here are some pictures from our night.

Ashley, Heather and Kelli
Steven with his stuffed square pillow belly

Crystal and Peter
Kelli, LaDawn, David and Ashley