Thursday, October 30, 2008

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8 things i'm passionate about:
1. Reflexology
2. Photography
3. Dark Room
4. Channing Tatum's dancing
5. Prayer
6. Friendship
7. Laughter
8. Family

8 words or phrases i use all the time:
1. do you love it
2. get out of my way you stupid idiot driver
3. heck yes
4. really?
5. i know right
6. you dont know
7. learn how to drive
8. I love you so much

8 things i want to do before i die:
1. Get sealed in the temple
2. Have children
3. Dream job - work Behind the scenes (movies)
4. Make a difference
5. Meet Adam Sandler
6. Be on Saturday Night Live
7. Master The Secret
8. Ride Worlds biggest Rollercoasters

8 things i want or need:
1. Be stable with money
2. Buy a house
3. Boob job
4. A healthy family
5. Worlds larges mini display in my home
6. An endless closet filled w/ cloths-shoes-purses etc.
7. Vacation's
8. Pizza/Chocolate

8 places i would like to visit:
1. England - red telephone booth
2. New York
3. Hawaii - all the islands
4. Mexico - the pretty places of it
5. Germany - tour the concentration camps
6. Cruise around - does this count
7. 7 wonders of the world
8. Canada

8 shows I like to watch:
1. Friends
2. The Hills
3. Lost
4. Intervention
5. The Office
6. Seinfeld
7. Reality Shows / MTV
8. The Biggest Loser

8 restaurants i love:
1. Serranos
2. Eva's
3. Subway
4. Texas Road House
5. Cheese cake Factory
6. Mesa Frozen Yogurt
7. Jack in the Box
8. Denny's

8 people i tag:
1. Amber
2. Cammie
3. Joanna
4. Alexis
5. Heather
6. LaDawn
7. Erica
8. Peggy


We'll start with this story first i guess. So my sister-in-law, Kelli, Steven's lil sister came over the other night to make Chocolate covered pretzels for a pot luck we are having Halloween night. So i saw on a website these really fun and pretty looking chocolate covered pretzels that i've been wanting to make. So we gather up all the stuff and I start melting the chocolate in the microwave. Kelli was making the carmel. I started with the white chocolate. The directions say put in for one minute at a time then stir and continue till it looks done, thats what i did and Steve and Kelli kept saying do it longer its not melty enought, so i did. After a little bit a brown bubbely color caught my attention, I open the microwave and its BURNT. Well the picture below is what i got after listening to them BURNT and FRIED. So we tried again, and this time i was only going to do it for a short amount of time, Kelli then takes the second batch and puts it in, she said if it burns again it will be her fault i said okay. It Burned again, not as bad but def. not useful. Her batch is the picture above.
Here are some pictures of our very creative night.

Lets say we got better and better as the late night went on, we dipped some in carmel let them sit then redipped them in chocolate, then sprinkles then another fun design with chocolate, i know sounds good right, they were so good.

These two trays are our final projects. They turned out so cute. It was so fun. We kept saying over and over, we should open a candy shop. Steve kept turning to T.V. on louder and louder while we cooked and made noise in the kitchen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wow - good thing this was pointed out sooner than later.

Whoops! Good job everyone for pointing it out that i was not at a Diamondbacks game i was at a SUNS game. Who does that? Who gets that mixed up. Where did i graduate again........Wow shows i was paying attention. Thanks haha. I'll leave it up since i would look dumb changing it right.

Diamondbacks Vs. someteam that didn't win

My cousin Peg called me yesterday and said Hey, i have an extra ticket to the Diamondback game want to go..heck yes i do. So we met up at the stadium. We had so much fun, at first they were winning by 10 or 12 points so we were talking and catching up. The second half we sat on the lower level with her two friends and thats when the game got so head to head exciting. Jumping up in our seats and yelling and the bad calls, booing, cheering, singing, It was really fun. From where we were i zoomed in on my camera to see if i could see nash, he was injured said some guy behind us but i was able to see huge ol' Shaq i couldn't miss him. So at the end we went into over time, with 5 minutes to go then into another overtime with 5 minutes and we WON! Thanks for inviting me Peg.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Puppy Love

This is our new puppy Paisley! She is sooooooo cute. I love her. We just got her this past Saturday so September 27. She is 7 weeks old and is a cane corso aka an italian massive. I never thought i would ever like to have a dog, until now. Steve has been wanting one for a while but he was mostly wanting a Yorkie and they are way to much. So my friends dog had puppies and gave us one, how perfect! She picked us out the sweetest one. The dog had 10 puppies and ours is number 8 so hopefully she wont grow up to be so big, hopefully she will stay a bit smaller. Paisley is so fun. She is staring to chew on everything! She will drag my kitchen rug all over the house, chew on the couch, try to bit our feet, but since she's a puppy it doesn't do anything to the couch. We got her some toys so she will stay away from our furniture. The first night we got her, we didn't have a kennel at the time so we put her in the bathroom and she whined for about an hour, which i couldn't handle. And im like getting a puppy was the biggest mistake, i told steve. I dont have a kid but its teaching us, you have to make sure your shoes aren't left out, or cords, blankets, everything has to be out of reach.
I thought this was so cute. In the mornings she always passes out somewhere, this picture was in our pile of cloths on the ground, which were clean, while i get ready in the mornings and i looked over and saw her tougne sticking out i had to take a picture.

These are all her brothers and sisters! They are about 6 weeks old here. I thought this picture was so adorable they were all looking over the edge of the tub trying to get out. Paisley is the third from the left.