Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve

Yesterday was Steven's 25th birthday. I wanted to do something a little different than giving him all his presents at once. So in the morning I gave him his first present, a sweater. Later in the day I called him and told him to look in this basket on top of our DVDs, and it was another gift, he was so excited that I got him something else and loved the idea I hide it. So each gift he is thinking thats the last one. I got home from work and surprised him with some colone (ka-lone). I took him out for Dinner at Texas Road House, Tyson came to and I told our waitress it was Steve's Birthday, I wanted him to sit on the saddle and take a picture with my camera, and embarass him of course.

The waitress was lame she totally forgot and brought us our check and played the dumb card, "oh i'm so sorry i totally forgot" and made this annoying laugh. IDIOT.

I know i'm being harsh for a picture.

Then later that night I surpised him again! He is easy just buy him cloths and he's good.

Happy Birthday Steve.