Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our New Place!

Okay so first off...I dont know how to flip pictures and second off I haven't figured out how to get my pictures in order from when i choose them and how they end up on the blog so they are a bit scattered third we just moved so I am def. NOT unpacked that is why you will see some boxes and a sorta messy place. We just moved the end of May into this place and are loving it. Its a really cute neighborhood and best of all no more crazy neighbors!!!!!!!
Our place is three levels. The first floor is the master bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and garage. The second floor is the kitchen, a place for your table, an open area, a bathroom, and two bedrooms and then we have a loft. We are loving all the extra space. This first picture is a view looking down from the loft.

This picture below is the actual loft.
This is the outside of the house!Our messy kitchen

This picture is a view coming up to the second level.