Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shout out to the LoVe of my life...

I thought since Steve never looks at my blog i could put whatever I wanted. jk. I wanted to create a section for him telling him how much i love and appriciate him. Here it goes. I took these pictures two nights ago because i dont have that many pictures of him on here.

16 Random Reasons why I love my husband...
1 - he lets me bite him
2 - he is just as weird as i am, he just doesn't show it as much as me
3 - the only thing i hear him complaining about is that we have no food in the house. never complains about helping me do this or that he is always willing to help out.
4 - never admits he has dimpels, which ALWAYS makes me laugh because clearly he does.
5 - always supports me
6 - no matter how many calls in the morning it takes to wake me up for work, he calls that many times.
7 - he is funny
8 - he lets me pluck his eye brows
9 - he never cares if i go out and buy a little something for myself
10- i love how good he is with both our neices and nephews, he is going to be such a good dad one day.
11 - when we are board he lets me put eye shadows on and mascara that was a big one and he lets me paint his toe nails, only if i take it off that night though.
12 - will leave the house so i can exercise , i dont like anyone near me when i'm excercising.
13- i love when he texts me just to say he loves me
14 - he lets me pick out his clothes and hats
15 - cleans the house and is surprisingly really good at it
16 - is willing to watch chick flicks

I love you Steven Lane.

Express It Vinyl Lettering

I have been doing custom vinyl lettering for over a year now called, ExpressIt. I got my very own vinyl machine for christmas last year. I love creating and coming up with new ideas to put in my own house. I pretty much became addicted . And I know Steve loves when i turn our living room into a huge "vinyl in the making " area, with all my supplies left out everywhere! He even helps me once in a while. Especially this time of the year it starts getting really busy going to boutiques and shows. You can check out my website at

Monday, September 15, 2008

When Nature Calls

This past weekend my mom and sister amber and i drove up to payson to go on a hike. The hike was only supposed to take 31/2 hours total. It took us 5 1/2 hours. And yes it was a hard hike. Really pretty though. We lost the trail at the very end because amber was leading, but we ended up finding our car, thats all that matters. Again love ya amber.

Here is my mom and Amber. Nerd alerts. Amber is sporting her backpack which really she made me carry cuz it was heavier than my fanny pack. So i willingly gave her my fanny pack and carried the backpack. Love ya ambies.

Here i am before trading with amber in the fanny pack. Heck yes i look good.


Last weekend my parents took a bunch of us to Castles'n'Coasters. A lot of us had not been there for over 8 years. We had so much fun. Sicely and I rode about every ride together, she did not care if we were in front or back all she wanted was the ride to go faster and faster as her head is being swung around back and forth she was laughing and screaming. I was laughing cause her head is being swung every where and she's wanting the ride to go faster. (Above) is Steve crambed into a tiny driving space area where his knees are forced into his chest. We all laughed when we saw him. Thanks mom and dad we had so much fun. (oh amber i stole these pictures from your blog, love ya).