Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pat's Run!

This picture above isn't even a smiggin of how many people there were running in Pat's Run! It was such an awesome experience being apart of it. There were over 28,000 people running in it alone. It was bright and early Saturday morning, April 17! It was 4.2 miles.

This is me right after the run. I'm in the shade otherwise you would see my bright red face. Amber and I planned to meet right around the finish line but couldn't find eachother for a good hour or so.

We got to finally take our picture together!

Girls Night Out!

This was a MUCH NEEDED girls night out! It was the most fun I have had in so long, I think everyone could agree. We were laughing none stop. Everything was funny to us that night. It was Jasmine, Kristina, Hilary and myself. We started the night out by eating at Olive Garden. Our waiter was hilarious. The best part, I think was laughing that we spotted a look a like of Gary, from 16 and Pregnant, if anyone watches that show, Season 1. After dinner we headed over to Skateland. BTW they have a new one on Ray and Dobson! I dont remember the last time being at Skateland so I knew this would be fun. We all had a fair share of laughing at each other falling.
This guy was so fun too! He was the guy out helping everyone who fell. Had to snapp a picture with him.

Ashley's Wedding

Ashley's Wedding! Ashley got married back in October of 09! She looked so beautiful and I am so happy for her! It was fun to see her and catch up a bit since we dont get to see eachother at all. It was fun to see Sha and Shelbie too!

Susan's Run

My sister and I, Amber ran in a 5k back in March called, Susan's Run. It was a neat experience to be a part of, knowing that the money went towards a foundation to help others. This is a picture of us after the run.