Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love they Neighbor as they self...

Well not sure how much I really agree with this statement! Living in apartments I will never recommend and will hopefully never have to do again. What a nightmare this past year has been with our crazy neighbors upstairs and down. As much as we are supposed to abide by this love they neightbor rule, Not sure that we did to well after walking to my car the other morning and finding it tilted to one side! The SOB upstairs had slashed my two passenger side tires, after threatening me previousely he would do so. After all "walking to loudly" really got to him and it is apartment living of course. I was soooooooo furious. I called the cops, which I knew wouldn't do much help but at least it was reported. I also reported to the office, no help.
I am 100% positive it was my neighbor upstairs who moved out two days before. Little did he know I was way overdue for some new tires anyways so who's laughing now.
Luckily we are out as of there as of this weekend!