Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was freezing of course. Steve and I stayed at my sisters house and stayed on the most uncomfortable bed ever, we couldn't wait to wake up early. I found Steve out on the couch in the morning (love you amber, thanks for letting us stay)! We all drove over to my moms and started opening our stockings. We let the kids go first because with our family we do one at a time and the kids have no patience, of course its CHRISTMAS. Our parents did our presents really different this year, they played a game basically like the white elephant exchange. We picked numbers and #1 got to pick first, and so forth, well if you wanted you could keep your gift hopeing no one would steal it, if they did you opened another one. It had a bunch of rules but all in all it was fun and Steven and I were happy with what we got. We all had a lot of fun opening our presents and being all together.

Good morning no make up and very close picture.

Driving to Christmas

Tyson, Steve, and I drove up to Taylor for Christmas, Christmas Eve. Once we got to Payson was when we started to see so much snow, so pretty i love seeing the snow on the huge tall pine trees.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Vegas Trip

Steven and I got to go to Vegas with the company I work for early December. It was so much fun getting away and spending time with him. We stayed at the Flamingo for our four day vacation. We of course did a lot of walking and went into all the different hotels and took a bunch of pictures. One of the days we walked from our Hotel to the Stratasphere, very far, everyone said we were crazy if we walked but we really wanted to ride the rides up top. About an hour and and half later we make it and the rides are all closed, due to wind and weather.
This is me and Whoopi, she was very funny.
These are the flamingos that were at our hotel in a habitat area that you were able to walk around and look at and the huge fish. It was really overcast the first day we got there and so cold.

"ELF". We stayed on the 16th floor and everytime we got in the elevator it was so crowded. Finally one night we got in an elevator just to our selvs and Steve starts pressing all the buttons/levels and says "its like a Christmas tree" , you had to be there but it was really funny and next thing we know it stops on 15 and in comes an older lady, i was like she is not going to like this, to make a long story short she had seen the movie and thought it was pretty funny.