Friday, August 29, 2008


So this was a crazy lightning storm last night. I am testing to see if i can do videos or not. And for some reason the video is not centered....maybe it will when i hit publish anyways besides the point. So i'm driving home around 7 oclock and see all this lightning and i get home it gets a little darker and then i opened my door shades and out of now where you hear THE biggest thunder crack. To bad i didn't get that on here, then it starts DOWNPOURING, i loved it i love the rain and monsoon season. So i grab my camera and turn it to video and this is what i got. Oh and theres a little muiscal tune for you at the end as i'm watching Newsies, for the first time in sooooooo long.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Friends Reunite

I probably could have started out with the nicer looking picture first but oh well. This is Ashley and I at BJ's hanging out. We have not seen eachother for two years!!!!!! We couldn't believe it has been that long. Ashley and I have been best friends since, oh great, i think 7th grade is when we really started hanging out. She has always been the greatest friend through out our school years and after school to. We have always had no problem making eachother laugh over the stupidest things we would do or say. We love talking about how we made baked goods at my house in Taylor, earning money to go to Hawaii we ended up going to Vegas, we sold them at the end of my street, for those of you who dont know, it was out in the middle of no where practically while wearing Huge sumberro hates, and making up songs. Which the second i see her, this past weekend, she positions to re-enact the song, so funny. "Down by the school where we have no money and the lockers are ugly and the gym is scummy. The teachers are gay and they never get paid we love Cheryl Bar " Lets just say its an inside joke. Some of the fun memories we have are , We flew to California together and hung out at the freezing cold beach, ate breakfast in Beverly Hills. Went to Viva Las Vegas with the money we earned from the bake sale. That was a lot of fun, Ashley's First rollercoast was New York New York, i couldn't believe she has never been on one. Tons of memories we have and to come. Oh and here is the ugliest but most famous "dinosaur face". She made me.
Here is a nicer picture of us. A lot better. Love ya Ashley.


Here we all are again at Emily's Wedding Reception. Shelbie - Ashely - Jessica - Tiffany - Sha- and Melanie. Friends from High School.
Emily and Me. Congradulations!

Catching Up With Friends

This past Friday a bunch of us girls got to get together to celebrate Emily's Wedding! We ate at BJ's Resturant. It was soo much fun, i have not seen a bunch of those girls in over two years. Afterwards we went back to Tiffany's house and hung out there. Talking about our lives now and our jobs and kids and all the stuff girls like to talk about. We all were laughing so hard at our stories from high school and stupid things we did to entertain ourselves. We stayed up until 2 in the morning! Here are some pictures of us at BJ's. Emily, Bret, Ashley, Sha, Shelbie, Jessica, Tiffany and Laurie.
Jessica with thumbs up and Shelbie.
Ashley aka Selena Quintanias and Me
Sha and Ashley

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedding Day April 6, 2006 (Rewind)

This picture turned out to be a lot smaller than i hoped it would be. I need to learn how to do the slide shoes and put all my wedding pictures up. Since thats the most exciting thing lately with us and a lot of pictures. Anyways a brief catch up/rewind on how we met and how we fell in love. We met in the year 2005 a week before my birthday so around April 19th. My car was in the shop so my friend Megan was driving me around and picked me up from work one night, she always brought someone when picking me up so one night she brough Steve Carpenter. I though he was pretty dang hott so we all hung out that night at my brothers house with a whole bunch of friends. Then later in the week he called and asked me out on a date, well with one of his friends so i dont know if thats a date date. Anyways i met him at the movies and afterwards we are walking back to the car and he grabbed my hand. AWWW. We hit it off from there. We dated for about a year and got married April 6, 2006 at the Stone Bridge Manor in Mesa, AZ.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Best Laugh in SOOOO Long

This is Brigham. We were all at Chick-Fil-A and the kids were all playing in the play area and everyone's having a good ole time. Well all of a sudden out of no where Brighams comes running up to me crying in distress. Just found out earlier that day i had given Jeremiah, his older brother, a pack of orbit gum. We are like whats wrong and he starts telling me about how Jer has a whole pack of gum and he doesn't. We are laughing hysterically right now. All of us. So i had my camera and i start taking pictures of him crying so sad i know but the pictures are so funny.
Best Picture of them all, hands through the hair so stressed out. HAHAHHAHA

Just found out i will buy him a pack of gum. And the crying stopped. Good Times.

Good Times at Chick-Fil-A


Cammie came to visit! We all had so much fun. Here we all are at Chick-fil-A. Grabbing some ice cream and letting the kids run around. Amber-Joey-Cammie-Landon.

Love Love Love

Still keeping it real.